Vision Board Update

I made two vision boards last year, at different points of time, and I think I had some interesting experiences with things coming into my life. Continue Reading »



I got contacts two years ago, and I took my time using them. About nine months ago, I got more serious about wearing them. However, I’ve always hated things near my eyes or things touching my eyes.

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Here is the process that I’m using to anchor my creation of my world. I salute le-petit1Christine Kane and Susan Elliott, as primary teachers who helped me shape this system. Continue Reading »

Until a few years ago, I felt about my body exactly the way Captain Ahab felt about Moby Dick. I saw it as an unduly large, pale, monstrous creature that had permanently disabled me, and I hated it with a roaring passion. If I had been wiser, less headstrong, and more acquainted with the logic of paradox, it might have occurred to me that the object of my deepest loathing was in fact the most direct way to my true path.” (Beck, p. 104) Continue Reading »

core1Making your own core strong leads to strong roots for great achievements. That’s what I’ve been reading. The more you want to achieve, the greater you want to be, the stronger your core needs to be. Continue Reading »

If you read Susan Anderson, you’ll learn about how some people might be genetically predisposed to feel more when others’ presence is gone, and Continue Reading »

heartI once read a fun article that included the phrase I stole my title here from. “Valentine’s Day is a holiday for millionaires”. The author’s thought was that a couple in love already was a “wealthy couple” in a very important way. Continue Reading »