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If you read Susan Anderson, you’ll learn about how some people might be genetically predisposed to feel more when others’ presence is gone, and (more…)


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I was reading the online discussions sponsored by Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center where he answers questions. One of the questions was about someone, who had been married for over twenty years, still hanging on to thoughts of an ex-girlfriend who he had split with with many years before.

Chopra said that he thought that the hanging on to thoughts of the ex was most probably because of the story that the man was telling to himself about that relationship. In fact, we tell ourselves stories all the time, when the TV isn’t trying to tell us other stories. Our thoughts, influenced by our environments and experiences, tell us the stories of who we are and what happened and who we’ll keep thinking of- and we write our lives inside our own heads with our thoughts. The wonderful thing that means is that we can re-write our lives also. (more…)

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