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Here is the process that I’m using to anchor my creation of my world. I salute le-petit1Christine Kane and Susan Elliott, as primary teachers who helped me shape this system. (more…)


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“Conscious Living: Finding JOY in the Real World” (HarperCollins, 2000)

Gay Hendrick’s Work on Living Life Happily


I stumbled upon “Conscious Living” by mistake…turns out to be a very fortuitous one! This books answers some of the questions that I didn’t even know I was asking, as well as ones I knew I was. I’m now on my fourth reading, and I find it just as meaningful as the first one. The first part of this book shares a lot about the author’s personal journey, and then sets up the tasks we have if we want to live consciously. The second part concerns relationships, and is also really worthwhile and eye-opening.

Hendricks wrote “Conscious Living” as a result of his personal quest to find the root problems creating all human troubles- along his journey he transformed his own life and became a model of the happiness and productive service he hopes everyone will find. (more…)

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