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Let’s get started. Have you read this post here? You may want to do journaling, etc., before your Vision Board to get more clear, or perhaps you want to do it the other way around or just not do it at all. You get to choose. This is you and your creation, and this is where you have total control. Go for it. (more…)


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I’ve started working myself out of a quagmire that I’d created through my unconscious way of living life. Many of my teachers (adults around) growing up taught me “don’t lose” rather than “this is how you win“. They taught me to aim small and low and to not trust myself in taking risks and doing novel things. I don’t blame them- (more…)

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A Star By Any Other Name

Martha Beck based her book “Finding Your Own North Star” on her work as a life coach, doing what she calls “Life Design”. I’ll let her explain what she’s naming the “North Star”:

“Though each person’s life path is different, I believe that the human journey, writ large, has some universal aspects. All cultures, in every geographic region and historical period, have idealized the qualities of truth, love, and joy. I’ve never had a client who wasn’t in search of these things, who didn’t feel that a blend of (more…)

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You Can Recover

 “Loss of catel may recovered be.” -Chaucer (more…)

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Inspirational Music


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Are You Codependent?

The word codependence has such an innocent, cherubic face. “Together-depend”, isn’t that lovely? And the word “depend” has one really good definition- that of trusting, relying, resting with confidence (Webster’s). Many people, including yours truly, have rested confidently on friends, family members, and significant others. How is that so bad? Hmmm? (more…)

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